Our solutions are simple structured communication techniques that allow participants to find consensus and decision alignment based on the Delphi principle that structured decisions of a group are more valid than those of an individual.

The Benefits For You...

Find Consensus

Using our services will improve your ability to achieve outcomes based on consensus. Our Facilitators will help you focus on the issues you need to deal with and how to arrive at a consensus on them in the most efficient way possible.

By Involving Your Colleagues

Because our system provides for anonymous participation, group interaction is improved and better ideas are brought out. can shorten meetings by establishing agreement before meetings begin. This allows a group to concentrate on what needs to be discussed.

To Get The Best Outcome

When more people are involved in arriving at a consensus Managers get a better grasp on how and why a consensus is arrived at. Our service allows for any decision arising from a consensus outcome to be tested before implementation.

How We Do It...

The Delphi Process

The Delphi process was invented in the 1950s. Our service provides computer assisted moderation of group ideas and consensus building. Participants have individual anonymity but group accountability.

On Any Device

No special software is required! Our service works with all web browsers on any platform. Either through the internet or for ultimate security on our own server that we bring to a meeting. Using our service is very simple because there is no need to configure any hardware.

With Evidence

We provide the record of all Acord outcomes. By providing tangible evidence of the results, our service makes your consensus building and decision alignment process more effective and as a result cheaper.


Used when group members are not in the same room to establish group consensus from anywhere around the world. Discover the issues that are already agreed upon by the group before a meeting begins. Through the use of an electronic conference portal anything can be discussed and decided upon without the time and cost of travelling to a particular location.

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Used when group members are in the same room. Local.Acord uses the Delphi Process to achieve group consensus in the most efficient manner. It eliminates the pitfalls of face to face dynamics in meetings and provides validation of group decisions.

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Immediate audience interaction. With Instant.Acord you can get a response from your audience in real time with the delivery of your product or service. You can also use this method to test decisions arrived at by consensus before their implementation.

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Global Acord

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Local Acord

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Instant Acord

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Why our service is unique...

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Case Studies...

The European Association of Urology

The European Association of Urology is a non-profit organisation for medical professionals specialising in urology.
In 2014 they pioneered the use of an decision alignment service to formulate new guidelines on the ethics of live surgery and on the assessment of male lower urinary tract symptoms. The button below will take you to a copy of a recent publication. The text we have coloured blue on page 3 of the publication describes how our services were used.

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